La Scala

Details : E-M 37"

Pinkish lavender standards over soft peachy-pink falls. White beards tipped flame. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Keppel 2008 USA

   Out of Stock
Lark Ascending -TB

Details : M - L 120cm

Sorry all T. B. Irises are "Out of Stock". Available again 1st Feb - 30th April. Please read "Information" on T.B. irises in menu on left. As tall as they come. A high flyer pure white with tangerine red beards. Delicately laced and fluted. Tall scapes,

Breeder - Hager '96 U.S.A

   Out of Stock
Lavender Park - TB

Details : E-M 96cm

Stds are pale lavender with a darker midrib. Falls are dark lavender with lighter edges. Pale yellow beards. Ruffled. A good grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Grosvenor '99 Aust

   Out of Stock
Lesley My Love - New

Details : Ht:33" 84cm E-M

Soft coral pink ruffled standards. Soft creamy coral falls with sculptured coral pink edge. Very pretty with lots of lace.Tangerine beards. Limited Stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth

   Out of Stock
Let's Be Brazen - TB

Details : 85cm E-M

Deep wine rose stds, falls of rich burgundy-rose. Huge blooms have a sheen and richness about them. Burnt tangerine beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '06

   Out of Stock
Letter From Paris - TB

Details : M-L 36"

Low on stock- 1 per customer. A beautiful mid to light pink with a slightly light pink on falls. Tangerine on pink beards. Ruffled.

Breeder - Blyth '07

   Out of Stock

Details : M-L 35"

Huge ruffled flowers on strong stems. Won't be available until end 2019

Breeder - Blyth 2008

   Out of Stock
Living Free -TB

Details : V.VE - M 36"

Huge blooms with standards of pinkish peach. Falls are darker with a light rose overlay. Startling tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth '99 Aust

   Out of Stock
Local Colour - TB

Details : M 100cm

Violet stds. Black violet falls edged violet. Orange beards. Ruffled. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Keppel '96

   Out of Stock
Lord Of Mayfair

Details : Ht: 38" (97 cm), M-L . S

Stds rose tan blend; style arms tangerine; Falls- rose tan overlaid rose burgundy, rose tan blend on outer edge; beards cream tipped tangerine, lighter at end; pronounced sweet fragrance. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Barry Blyth

   Out of Stock
Lotus Land

Details : Ht: 90cm Mid

Heavily ruffled and laced peach toned pink with a lighter creamy fall overlay. Very nice. Only 1 avalialbe for now.

Breeder - Keppel 1999

   Out of Stock

Details : Very Early Intermediate 18"

A gorgeous little iris, vivid and pert. Lemon yellow standards. Lemon apricot blend falls. Beards are very bright bushy vivid tangelo.

Breeder - Blyth 2011

   Out of Stock
Machismo - TB

Details : 90cm M-L

Burgundy/ruby stds. Falls are plush burgundy-black with pale burgundy ruffled edging. Wide full ruffled quality blooms. A great grower. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '03 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Magic By Gosh

Details : Mid 40"

Honey ochre self with a little red-violet infusion at midribs and at the hafts. Bright tango orange beards. Horizontally flaring blooms.

Breeder - Blyth 2007

   Out of Stock
Make Mine Magic

Details : E-M 34"

Creamy beige stds highlighted with a blush of burgundy at midrib. Rich burgundy violet edged falls with a 3/8" band of slightly deeper beige. Cream beards tipped tangerine. Ruffles on ruffles. Limited stock.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2012 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Mallow Dramatic -TB

Details : M 92 cm - 36"

Glowing pink-orchid or mallow pink standards. Falls are paler hazed blue-pink with white bibs around the pinkish orange beards. Wide, ruffled and full blooms. A lovely coloured iris. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Gatty (U.S.A) '96

   Out of Stock
Marriage Vows - TB

Details : 95cm M-L

Light pink stds with large white ruffled edges. White falls with cream lacy edges. pinky orange Beards. A lovely ruffled bloom. A good grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Ghio '87

   Out of Stock
Matters of the Heart

Details : Mid Season 38"

Gorgeous soft creamy peach self with soft lavender veining over the centre of falls. Tangerine beards. Super form and show branching.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2012 (Aust)

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M 35"

Enormous blooms with lots of colours! Stds soft lavender with an olive flush coming up from midribs. Falls purple with a brown area each side of the beards and some brown veining down the falls. A 1/4" lilac edge with gold over light brown beards.

Breeder - Blyth 2013

   Out of Stock
Midnight Oil - TB

Details : M 36"

Sooty red-black self. Thick grape-purple beards adorn the lightly ruffled and waved plush falls. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Keppel '98 USA

   Out of Stock
Moment to Saviour

Details : Mid - Late 37"

A self of light to medium blue slightly deeper at midribs. Beards are white tipped yellow. Flowers are full & wide & beautifully balanced. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2013

   Out of Stock
Moonlit Water

Details : E-M-L

A beautiful luminata bloom. Standards greyed violet, lighter towards center, lemon to greenish lemon edges. Falls blue violet, large white area around beard, hafts edged lemon, pale grey rim. Beards lemon to orange, Ruffled and gorgeous.

Breeder - Keppel 2005 USA

   Out of Stock
Moroccan Magic - TB

Details : 90cm E-M

Peach Stds with rose infusion midribs, falls burgundy black with pale pink peach wire edging. Tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth '04

   Out of Stock
Mountain Violet - TB

Details : E-M 36" Re.

Pastel violet ot white stds. Falls are deeper violet. Vivid tanerine beards. Huge ruffled and fluted blooms. Limited stock.

Breeder - Hamner '85 USA

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M-L

Light blue standards, deep purple falls with a metallic sheen.

Breeder - Keppel 1972

   Out of Stock
New Perspective - rare

Details : Mid 42" Flat flowers

Large flat flowers with ruffles. Just love this cultivar. Well branched and strong grower. Rare. Blooms look similar to a Japanese water iris.

Breeder - Kerr 2003 USA

   Out of Stock
Nigerian Raspberry - TB

Details : M 36" - 91cm

Raspberry cream ground with red and purple splashes. Tangerine beards. Unique.

Breeder - Kasperek '94

   Out of Stock
Northwest Pride -TB

Details : Ht 100cm M

White standards, sky blue falls. Huge ruffled quality blooms. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Schreiner '93

   Out of Stock
O' So Pretty

Details : 31-32 inches (79-81 cm) E- Mid

Lilac standards tinted white, fading white; lilac falls, fading to white in center, edged deep lilac. Beard - White, tipped lilac. Slightly fragrant.Very Pretty.

Breeder - Evelyn Kegerise

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid Ht: 37"

Burgundy-red standards and plush burgundy-red falls. Mustard bronze beards. Makes a great display in garden.

Breeder - Blyth 2011

   Out of Stock
Oh James - TB

Details : 105cm EML

Pure indescent orange with matching coloured beards. Ruffled quality blooms. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '95 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Oh She Said -TB

Details : 90cm M-L

Oyster white stds, and filigreed lemon up through the midribs. Falls are oyster with a fine gold edge. Fall reverse is lemon - unique and outstanding. Ruffled blooms. Quality. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '03 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Olympic Odyssey -TB

Details : 90cm M

White stds with pale lilac stitching on edges. White falls with a lacy deeper lilac edge. Blue beards. Lacy and ruffled blooms. A Heavy bloomer and a great grower.

Breeder - Mary Dunn '99 USA

   Out of Stock
Orange Music

Details : Mid - Late

A complete self or rich orange-apricot. Lightly ruffled. Vibrant red orange beards.

Breeder - Blyth 2013

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid Season Ht: 31"

Oreo represents a giant step in the development of "black and white" plicatas. A stunning contrast between the white petals and the blackish purple plicata markings.

Breeder - Keppel 2004 USA

   Out of Stock
Out of the Dark

Details : Mid - Late 40"

Tall splendid plicata with lemon ground stitched and dotted grape violet. Lovely branching. Limited stock.

Breeder - Black 2007 USA

   Out of Stock
Oxford Countess

Details : E-M-L 42"

Huge flowers, extremely ruffled & well balanced. Pink stds with an infusion of peach and oyster. Falls at the same colour with a broad overly of rose with a blending effect towards the edge and the outer 3/8 " is the same colour as the stds.

Breeder - Blyth 2007

   Out of Stock
Parisian Dawn

Details : M-L 36"

Breeder - Keppel 2006 USA

   Out of Stock
Patriotic Heart

Details : Ht 36" 91cm Mid season

White, pale lavender plicata edge; style arms solid dark purple; Falls white, minimal lavender plicata rim and near beard; beards lavender, hairs tipped burnished gold. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Maryott 2001, USA

   Out of Stock
Peggy Anne

Details : E-M-L 36"

No two flowers the same. Silver streaks on purple-black. Broken colour pattern. Old-gold beards. Rare.

Breeder - G Sutton 2007 USA

   Out of Stock
Pemcaw - TB

Details : M - L 88 cm

Limited Stock 1 per customer. A high quality pure white that is beautifully ruffled and full.

Breeder - Harding '94

   Out of Stock
Perfect Gift -TB

Details : Ht 85cm

Gorgeous pastel pink with pink beards. Nicely branched and budded. Quality. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Keppel '96

   Out of Stock
Persian Flyer-TB

Details : M 70cm

Stds are cream lemon with some violet dashing. The falls are white edged and dotted methyl-violet with olive brown hafts and orange yellow beards. Ruffled blooms.

Breeder - Grosvenor '96 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Petticoat Shuffle

Details : Mid 34"

Soft lavender standards over white. Falls are white with violet-purple wire rim edge. White beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Schreiner 2010 (USA)

   Out of Stock

Details : Ht: 35" M-L

Rosy pink-violet standards; lavender orchid falls; blue around tangerine beards. Limited stock - just 1 on offer for this year.

Breeder - Ghio 2006

   Out of Stock
Pink Champagne - TB

Details : E 36" Re.

Ruffled azalea pink self with mandarin orange beards. Sweet fragrance. Vigorous.

Breeder - Lauer '01 USA

   Out of Stock
Platinum Passion

Details : N-L 40"

Virtually every stem a show stem. Lovely ruffled silvery blue with a deeper outpouring on falls. Nice sweet perfume.

Breeder - Blyth 2011 Aust

   Out of Stock
Pond Lily

Details : Ht: 85cm Mid

Dulcet violet bitone boasts good growth, ruffled large flower form and a charming veronica violet colour. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Jones, Evelyn 1995

   Out of Stock
Preferred Stock - TB

Details : M 91cm

Deep golden ruffled yellow self. Deep gold beards. Limited stock.

Breeder - Gaulter '85

   Out of Stock
Pretty Edgy - TB

Details : E-M 36" Re.

A plicata with rosy violet stds, a little white showing through. Falls are creamy white with a wide violet stitched edge. A lacy extravagance.

Breeder - Blyth '02 Aust

   Out of Stock
Pretty Swish

Details : Mid 38"

Ruffled lacy wide blooms of apricot peach standards. Falls are apricot peach with rose hafts extending 1/3 of way down falls to a wash. Bright coral red beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2007

   Out of Stock
Prince of Hearts

Details : E-M 38"

Light burgundy rose blended stds with an olive flush at midribs. Falls are burgundy-rose with a deep burgundy-brown hafts &a slight burgundy-tan edge. Beards muted gold, mustard and lavender. Full wide blooms

Breeder - Blyth 2010

   Out of Stock
Pursuit of Happiness

Details : Mid 36"

Lavender blue and white amoena with lemon-orange beards. Sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Johnson 2007 USA

   Out of Stock
Queen's Circle - TB

Details : 82cm M-L

White stds, white falls with a lacy mauve-blue edge. White beards tipped orange. Hardy and fast grower. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Kerr '00 USA

   Out of Stock
Quintessence - TB

Details : 36" Medium

Low on stock. Ruffled medium blue self. Fragrant

Breeder - Hamner 1990

   Out of Stock
Raging Tide

Details : Ht: 38", M-L

Standards blue, edged darker; style arms pale blue; F. medium violet-blue center, 1"outer area pale blue; beards blue white tipped lemon, white tipped lemon in throat; very ruffled.

Breeder - Keith Keppel 2007

   Out of Stock
Rapture in Blue

Details : Mid 36" (91cm)

Light blue ruffled self.

Breeder - Schreiner 1990 (USA)

   Out of Stock
Rare Treat -TB

Details : E-M 85cm -36"

Stunning lear white with blue stitched plicata edges on standards and falls. Great contrast and clarity of colours. Low on stock.

Breeder - Schreiner U.S.A '87

   Out of Stock

Details : Late 35"

Yellow-green standards flushed violet. Falls pastel violet with golden brown hafts and precise gold bands. Yellow orange beards. Stunning iris frilly and lacey.

Breeder - Johnson 2011 USA

   Out of Stock
Rhythm of Love

Details : M-L 35"

Ruffles galore. Creamy lemon standards. Falls are lilac blended a little deeper towar5ds the lower area and there is a lighter suffusion around the muted mustard yellow beards. Perfumed. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2011

   Out of Stock
Ribands -TB

Details : 97cm E-M

Clear pink stds, slightly darker pink falls with light centre, apricot hafts and red beards. Ruffled blooms of lovely soft pastel colours. A rapid grower.

Breeder - Grosvenor '94

   Out of Stock
Ring Around Rosie - New

Details : Ht: 35" (89 cm), M.

Stds: white, yellow gilt rim; style arms white, yellow accents; Falls: white ground, purple sanded pattern, 1/4"-3/8" yellow rim; beards yellow and orange. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Richard Ernst 2000)

   Out of Stock
Roaring Twenties

Details : M-L 38"

Very ruffled light apricot standards and grape juice falls. Beards are white tipped rusty orange.

Breeder - Keppel 2009 USA

   Out of Stock
Rococo - TB

Details : E 39"

Large white attractive blooms with violet-blue plicata stitched borders. White beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Schreiner '59

   Out of Stock
Rodeo Girl

Details : Ht: 40" (107 cm), Mid bloom season.

Standards red, falls bright yellow, red plicata edges; beards gold.

Breeder - Schreiner, R. 2005

   Out of Stock
Rogue Trader

Details : Mid - Late Ht: 35"

Ruffled & horizontally flaring blooms on well branched stems. Creamy lemon stds with 1/4 inch edge of deeper lemon. Falls red burgundy over lemon with deeper 1/4" lemon edge and a slight cream line on each fall. Beards bright mustard. Colourful.

Breeder - Blyth 2007 AUST

   Out of Stock
Role Model - TB

Details : E-M 91cm

Melon rosy tan with a peach influence. Tangerine beards. Ruffled and fragrant. A fast grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Denney '88

   Out of Stock
Romantic Gentleman - TB

Details : Ht 40" E-M

Heavily ruffled violet self. Standards light rose burgundy; falls plush deeper rose burgundy, 3/8" lighter blended edge. Beards soft muted tangerine. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2003 (Aust)

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid Ht: 32"

Pure white standards and falls are white with a blended ruffled edge of violet-blue. Vivid tangerine beards se this bloom off. Stunning and very ruffled. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2010

   Out of Stock
Royal Harlequin - New

Details : E-M 91cm)

Standards are beige to buff with contrasting falls of lilac overlaid rose-brown, more lilac at the edge. Wide overlapping falls. Sweet fragrance is pronounced. Good branching. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - (Blyth 09

   Out of Stock
Ruban Bleu-TB

Details : M-L 78cm - 33"

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Standards are pure white and falls are blue with a large radiating white heart. Orange beards. Startling.

Breeder - Cayeux '97 France

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M 36" (91cm

White flushed pale blue & violet blooms. Standards white; falls white to palest blue, blue flush. Beards orange yellow tipped white; sweet fragrance. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Graeme Grosvenor 2005

   Out of Stock
Santiago - TB

Details : L 90cm

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Huge ruffled blooms of deep orange with beards of bright tangerine. Super Quality.

Breeder - Ghio '90

   Out of Stock
Savanah Sunset - TB

Details : Ht 38" E-M

Limited stock - 1 per customer. A glowing cadmium orange bloom that is full and ruffled. A quality orange iris.

Breeder - Schreiner 2000

   Out of Stock
Secret Agenda

Details : E-M 36"

Creamy white standards with a faint lemon midrib infusion. Falls are rich dusky yellow, very ruffled and wide. Thick bushy mustards beards Sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Blyth 2004

   Out of Stock
Secret Partner

Details : Mid season Ht: 40"

Standards are greenish- yellow infused violet. Falls are yellowish with darker shoulder wash. White beards tipped yellow.

Breeder - Keppel 2009 USA

   Out of Stock
Secret Rites

Details : Mid Ht: 40"

Lots of subtle shades. Everyone describes this differently. For me - Standards pale yellow infused burgundy fuchsia. Falls yellow paling to near white or pale lemon ruffled laced edges. Beards - fluffly deep gold yellow. Lovely.

Breeder - Keppel 2005 USA

   Out of Stock
Serene Sea -TB

Details : E-M 34"

Low on stock. Magnificent blue violet to mid blue. Violet blue beards. Ruffled, full and wide. Rebloomer.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '92

   Out of Stock
Shadow Warrior -TB

Details : 90cm M

Limited stock - 1 per customer. Straw yellow stds suffused violet at midrib. Falls blue-violet in centre shading to a straw yellow edge. Brown beards. Golden brown hafts. Ruffled and just gorgeous. A good grower.

Breeder - Kerr '02 USA

   Out of Stock
Silk And Honey - TB

Details : Ht 34" E- M

Low on stock - 1 per customer. Creamy white standards, falls are creamy with an edging of lemon. Yellow beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) 2006

   Out of Stock
Silver Streak

Details : Mid Ht: 36"

Standards are rose-violet streaked and marbled white. Falls are plush maroon irregularly streaked silver-white. Beards are yellow and have rose petaloids. Pronounced & Spicy fragrance.

Breeder - M Sutton 2005 USA

   Out of Stock
Skating Party - TB

Details : Ht 34" M-L

Low on stock - 1 per customer. Fluted white ruffled blooms. Beards lemon tipped white.

Breeder - L.Gaulter 1983

   Out of Stock
Smoke and Thunder -TB

Details : 95cm

A bi-colour bloom with a blend of honey, grey with a violet infusiion at midribs. Red violet falls with champagne edges. Burnt tangerine beards. Ruffled, wide full blooms. Quality.

Breeder - Blyth '06 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Smoke Rings -TB

Details : M 95 cm - 37"

Large ruffled cream blooms with smoky mauve plicata on standards and on edges of falls. Yellow beards. Tall and vigorous. Limited stock.

Breeder - Gibson '71

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M 36"

Bicolour blooms. Standards pale apricot. Falls rose magenta.

Breeder - UK

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid Ht: 36"

White standards. Falls are a blend of strange lavender grey with an overlay of pastel olive and 3/8" edge of light olive tan. Brilliant tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth 2011 Aust

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M 36"

Buff apricot standards lightly flushed violet. Falls are buff-apricot splashed and dotted purple. Golden poppy beards. A pretty luminata.

Breeder - Keppel 2012 USA

   Out of Stock
Spice Lord

Details : Mid 36"

Gorgeous ruffled blooms with a strong coloured plicata with standards of nearly solid sienna red-brown and a little greenish white showing through at midribs. Creamy white falls with a solid 3/4" stitched edge of rich sienna red-brown. Stunning!

Breeder - Blyth 2002

   Out of Stock
Spiced Tiger

Details : Early Ht: 31" (79cm)

Light brown sugar standards, butter yellow at base, lightly splashed with silver white; mahogany falls with silver white streaking, shoulders butter yellow overlaid mahogany.

Breeder - Kasperek 1994

   Out of Stock
Spring Image - TB

Details : M-L 80cm

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Laced orchid bitone. White beards. Ruffled and flared. Slow grower here.

Breeder - Hager '88

   Out of Stock
Spring Madness

Details : M-L Ht: 89cm

Standards are white flushed yellow at midribs. Falls are yellow with brown veins and lighter edge. Very showy with lots of appeal.

Breeder - Johnson 2009

   Out of Stock
Stop Flirting

Details : Ht: 38" (97 cm), ML.

Stds - beige grey, lavender midrib flush; Falls - beige grey, vibrant electric violet blaze; beards orange; ruffled, flared; slight fragrance. Limited stock - 1 per customer. Available 2016.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2003

   Out of Stock
Street Walker -TB

Details : M-L 86cm / 34"

Striking colour combination of orchid standards with deeper veining. Grape (purplish-black) falls edged in orchid- white. Gold beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Meek '84

   Out of Stock
Stylist -TB

Details : M 34"

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2015. Bright lilac with a slight silvery lilac sheen blending down over the falls. Bright lemon beards. Lightly ruffled.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '96

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid - Late Ht 35"

White Standards. Heavily washed medium-lavender falls blending to an icy-white band. Brown tipped orange beards. Very ruffled.

Breeder - Johnson 2009 USA

   Out of Stock
Sugar Bomb

Details : Ht: 45", M-L

Standards white, cream influence, deepening at midrib; Falls white, more cream, lemon on hafts; beards bright lemon yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2007/08

   Out of Stock
Sultan's Daughter -TB

Details : M 95cm - 38"

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2015. Large blooms of beige standards, flushed rose. Ruby falls edged lighter. Old gold beards.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '95

   Out of Stock

Details : E-M 35"

Wide and ruffled brilliant dandelion-yellow self with matching beards. Deliciously fragrant.

Breeder - Keppel 2004 USA

   Out of Stock
Sweet Charm - TB

Details : M-L 117cm

Yellow stds, blended falls of mauve, magenta and tan. Honey tan beards. Lovely. Limited stock.

Breeder - Grosvenor '98 Aust

   Out of Stock
Sweet Musette

Details : M-L 95cm

Beautiful pink standards over rose coloured falls. An older iris yet still very beautiful.

Breeder - Schreiner 1998 USA

   Out of Stock
Sweet Svengali

Details : Mid 36"

Honey apricot standards. Falls dark rose overlay on honey apricot with pale edges.

Breeder - Blyth 2010 Aust

   Out of Stock
Switcheroo - TB

Details : E-M 91cm

Low on stock - 1 per customer. Stds are blended rose and tan with darker falls. Tangerine beards. Super.

Breeder - Grosvenor '04

   Out of Stock
Taffeta Tantrum

Details : VE - M 35"

Bright butterscotch-apricot standards. Falls are apricot with an all over heavy wash or layer of rosy violet, yet letting the apricot show through. Texture of veined apricot throughout falls with a apricot area each side of beards. Ruffled and pleated. B

Breeder - Blyth 2008 Aust

   Out of Stock
Tango Amigo

Details : E 91cm

Icy pink-white standards deepening to soft pink at midrib. Falls are light coffee chartreuse with deeper coffee brown veining. Different.

Breeder - Blyth 2007

   Out of Stock
Tennessee Gentleman -TB

Details : M - L 36"

Lemon buff standards and falls have 3/8" purplish rose stitching on edges. Light yellow orange beards. Wide and waved. A rebloomer. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Innerst '91 U.S.A

   Out of Stock

Details : Late

Brilliant cadium yellow iris guarantees its eye-catching appeal. Good growth & good bud count. Orange Beards.

Breeder - Weiler 1990 USA

   Out of Stock
Thundermaker - TB

Details : M-L 35"

Electric plum with rich blue blazes on falls. Burnt tangerine beards. Ruffled an fluted. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '02 Aust

   Out of Stock
Timescape - TB

Details : M 105cm

Stds -lavender-white with darker orchid-lavender fall centre and midrib. Heavily ruffled. Limited stock.

Breeder - Hager '90

   Out of Stock
Triple Crown - TB

Details : M 32"

Laced and ruffled pale pink with a lighter area around deep tangerine beards. Limited Stock,

Breeder - Dyer '81 USA

   Out of Stock
Truly Wicked

Details : Ht: 97cm Mid Season

(Stds. are peach with a heavy rosy violet infusion at midrib. Falls are rosy magenta with texture veining and white between veining at hafts. Peach edge. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2006

   Out of Stock
Tuscan Glow

Details : Mid - Late 36"

Honey tan standards deeper at midribs. Falls blended lavender over honey-tan. White beards tipped orange.

Breeder - Blyth 2013 Aust

   Out of Stock

Details : Mid - Late Ht: 42"

Peach-yellow standards faintly flushed pink. On the falls, muted rosy violet washes upwards from the edge leaving a peach-yellow sunburst blaze set off by firecracker brilliant red beards. Makes a startling clump with tall stems and great branching.

Breeder - Keppel 2004 USA

   Out of Stock
Vanilla Kisses -TB

Details : M 36"

Cream standards with a slightly deeper midrib. Falls are creamy white with hafts slightly deeper. Mustard yellow beards. Wide, fluted and ruffled giving a greenish cream effect. Gorgeous. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '97

   Out of Stock
Venus Butterfly - TB

Details : M-ML 38"

Low on stock - 1 per customer. A mulberry lilac tan blend with the stds of the lilac infused tan. Falls are mulberry lilac. White beards tipped yellow. Wide and flared blooms.

Breeder - Blyth '94 Aust

   Out of Stock
Victorious Voyager - TB

Details : Mid Ht: 38"

Yellow gold standards, lavender pink falls with ruffled yellow edging. Golden orange beards. A strong grower.

Breeder -

   Out of Stock
Vizier - TB

Details : E-M 91cm

Low on stock, 1 per customer. Deep raspberry to cranberry garnet with red beards. Ruffled.

Breeder - Ghio '98

   Out of Stock
What A Mixture - TB

Details : M - L 71cm

Sensational irregular broken patterned blooms formed like a Jap. Iris - flat. The stds are white irregularly splashed blue, at times they are pure white. Falls are irregular blue splashed white. Blue white beards

Breeder - Grovenor '00 Aust

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Whispering Spirits

Details : M - L 35"

White standards with a gilt edge. Falls are white ground with a sanding and marking of magenta to violet, darkening towards outer edge. A 1/4 inch edge around each fall in yellow. Yellow Beards.

Breeder - Richard Ernst, 2001 USA

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Who's Your Daddy - TB

Details : E-M 36"

Limited Stock. Light lilac violet stds. Plush purple black falls with lilac violet edging. Waved and fluted.

Breeder - Blyth '00 Aust

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Wide Horizons - TB

Details : E - M - L 39cm

Huge blooms of lavender blue standards and greenish white falls hazed lavender. Blue white beards. Spectacular. A strong and good grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Gatty '91 U.S.A

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Williamette Mist

Details : Ht:39" Mid season.

Light blue standards with pale blue white ruffled falls with blue beards tipped yellow. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Schreiners-2001

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Winning Edge - TB

Details : Ht 36" M-L

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Begonia pink standards. white falls with pink band. Beards are white with orange tips.

Breeder - Ghio 1997

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Wintry Sky

Details : Ht: 36" EM

Stds - blue central area shading to light blue edge, midrib flushed foxglove; style arms light blue; Falls blue white, foxglove shading in throat beside beard; beards cream at end, yellow throat with blue. Heavily ruffled. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Keith Keppel 02

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Witches Sabbath - TB

Details : M 93cm

Heavily ruffled dark black purple self. Mustard bronze beards. A strong fast grower. Limited Stock.

Breeder - Maryott '86 USA

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