Dispatchment dates for Hippeastrum bulbs 1st July - 31st August.

No later, as they need to be planted out by early spring
Hippeastrum - Papilio
 Mixed Hybrids
Mixed Hybrids


Hippeastrums bloom during the seasons of spring through to summer. However, you can delay their flowering by popping the bulbs into the crisper drawer of the fridge (DO NOT FREEZE) and take the bulbs out to plant 6 weeks prior the date you want them in flower. For example, to have a red or white flowering Hippeastrum in bloom for your Christmas table, you should take the bulbs out of the crisper mid-November, then plant in a decorative pot, place outdoors in a warm & sunny position, water and fertilize regularly and it should be in flower for you ready for Christmas. The flowers are extremely large and are trumpet shaped. Each scape usually produces between 3 to 5 blooms lasting up to 3 weeks. Hippeastrums would have to be one of the easiest bulbs to grow. They make exquisite cut flowers as well, but if I want one indoors I would have it in a pot and bring in while it is in flower, rather than cutting the flower off.



Hippeastrums grow best in full sun or semi shade.
They like a well drained soil with a good complete or balanced fertilizer or any organic matter.
Plant bulbs in the soil with the point of the neck well above the soil.
Plant approximately 50cm apart. It won’t be necessary to separate clumps for 3-4 years. They don’t mind being a little crowded. They multiply up to several offsets per year in ideal conditions.
Hippeastrums make perfect pot plants. One bulb per 18cm pot or 3 bulbs per 35cm pot.

After the leaves appear, fertilize with a balanced fertilizer such a Grow Plus or cow manure. Hippeastrums go dormant in the winter months so do not fertilize during this time. Don’t worry if the leaves yellow and die they will grow back bigger and better come spring.

Remember to water well during the flowering season. Water only one per week around the bulbs as over watering may cause stem rot and red rust. Never grow in boggy conditions.

If necessary spray with fungicide during wet, humid weather.

During flowering season they dislike strong winds and overhead watering.


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