Jake Green

Details : Ht 28" EV. TET. M Re. Bl 5.5"

Gorgeous recurved blooms of salmon pink with a large pale lime green throat and large cherry pink eye. Petals edged in deep red.

Breeder - Shelli Green '09

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Jamaican Midnight

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. M. Re. Bloom 6"

A deep black red-purple with a small green throat. Round, ruffled, overlapped with heavy substance. Limited stock

Breeder - Salter

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Jamaican Music

Details : Ht 37" TET. Ev. E-M. Re. Bl 6"

This is a MUST for everyones garden, A gorgeous rounded pink with a huge red eye and edge and talll scapes. Puts on a FANTASTIC display when clumped! Prolific, reblooms in winter & vigorous! A favourite. Limited stock

Breeder - Trimmer

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Jane Trimmer

Details : Ht 25TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Pale Lavender with a bold black purple eye. 40 buds.

Breeder - Trimmer '03

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Jarabe Dancer

Details : Ht 28" TET. Late. Ev. Re. Bl 5.5"

Ruffled blooms of purple lavender, crimson with an apricot-gold throat. The ruffled petals are braided with a gold pencil thin edge. Pale midribs

Breeder - Shelli Green

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Jazzy Graphics

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev E. Re. Bl.4.5"

What a standout with it's red petals and lemon sepals. A wonderful bi-colour. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Hansen 2000

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Jean Taylor

Details : 26" DIP. Ev. E-M. Re. Bl. 5.

Striking blooms of plum-purple with white midribs. Large loose lightl ruffles. Vigorous and with proliferations. A very fast increaser - A popular purple.

Breeder - Holton (Aust)

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Jedi Cody Wedgeworth

Details : 26" Ev. Dip. E - M. Bloom 6"

A cream-lavender-pink with a pale maroon eye and large green throat. Large, ruffled edges. Great substance - a favourite.

Breeder - Wedgeworth

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Jedi Rose Frost

Details : 22" DIP. Ev. E. Re. Bl. 5.

One of the loveliest pink daylilies. A rose pink with a darker rose halo and deeper lavender veining. Pretty. Limited stock

Breeder - Wedgeworth

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Jedi Sue McCord

Details : 22" SEv. Dip. M Re. Bl 5.5"

Pretty pink ruffled blooms with lovely form and substance.

Breeder - Wedgeworth '88

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Jennifer Trimmer

Details : Ht 30" Tet. Ev. E-Mid Re. Bl 6.75"

Lavender purple with chalky white watermark and gold edge above bright green throat. Limited stock

Breeder - Trimmer 2006

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Jenny Kissed Me

Details : 29" Ev. Tet. M. Re. Bl 5"

Lovely formed large ivory pink blooms with a large pale red eye, green throat, ruffles into the throat.

Breeder - Trimmer

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Jolly Miss Aussie

Details :

Large blooms of deep rose pink with a paler watermark. White rimmed edging on petals. Lime throat. Many blooms and flowers over a long period of time.

Breeder - Shelli Green

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Jordan Verhaert

Details : 25" SEv. Tet. E - M. Re. Bl 4 - 4.5"

Clear pink blooms with a bright red eye and edge, edge. A small growing cultivar, good for borders.

Breeder - Kinnebrew

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Judy Farquhar

Details : Ht 34" Tet. Ev. Mid Re. Bl 7.5"

Large blooms with wide ruffled petals. Blooms start off as a peach pink then change to a soft delicate pink later in the season. Limited stock.

Breeder - Stamile 2004

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Julia Ponte

Details : Ht 22" SEv TET. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

This cultivar is a sibling to "Courtney Rose", but this is a pale rose with a raspberry eye & emerald - citron green throat. Neat, tidy blooms of great substance. Large ruffles. Named after one of my nieces.

Breeder - S Green '09

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Julie Banks

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

A lovely ivory cream bloom with a large red eye and a 1/2" ruffled red edge with a fine gold picotee. Green throat.

Breeder - Holton Aust '04

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June Reid Memorial

Details : Ht 24" Tet. SEv. E-M Re Bl:6"

Wide (up to an inch) showy burgundy and gold edges frame this outstanding bloom, while the big burgundy eye overlaying the custard cream base colour finishes it off. Green throat. Strong substance.

Breeder - Charman 2012 (Aust)

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Details : Ht 25" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 5"

Cream with violet black eye and a green throat. Ruffled.

Breeder - Stamile 2004

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Just Divine

Details : Ht 26" TET. Mid Re. Bl 6"

Large rounded cream blooms of great substance. Gathered and pleated large ruffled edges. Superb cream

Breeder - S Green

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