Sabine Baur

Details : 25" SEv. Tet. E-M. Re. Hyb. Bloom 6"

A dramatic ivory cream bloom with a bold black-purple eye and a pronounced matching bubbly edge. Great parent for large eyes. Popular.

Breeder - Salter

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Scarlet Lace

Details : 27" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bl 4.5"

Scarlet red with lacey braided white gold edges, lighter sepals edged in red. Flat blooms, very showy and fertile.

Breeder - Stamile '02

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Screen Pattern

Details : Ht 26" TET. EV. E. Re. Bl 6"

Cream with a butterfly pattern multicolored eye above a green throat.

Breeder - Stamile 2006

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Seagull's Heaven

Details : Ht 34" TET. S.Ev Mid. Re. Bl 6"

Saturated purple with a large silver watermark and matching edge. Limited stock

Breeder - Smith '07

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Seminole Wind

Details : Ht 23" TET. Ev. E-M. Re.Bl 6.

Smooth deep rich pink with a gold green throat. One of the best pink flowers. Wide petals with good ruffling. Many buds. Popular. Limited stock

Breeder - Stamile

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Sense Of Wonder

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 6"

Almond pink with a red eye and ruffled red edge. Deep green throat. Lovely form. Just beautiful!

Breeder - Trimmer 2005

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Shamrock Dew

Details : Ht: 32 Tet, Early Ev Bl: 6 3/4

Polychrome pink and cream, chartreuse edge above green throat; heavy substance. A quality bloom. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - (Stamile 09)

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Shane Green

Details : Ht 28" Ev. TET. E-M Re. Bl 5" Fragrant

Rich dusty rose-raspberry blooms with a dramatic black burgundy eye and matching edge. Blooms are rounded, ruffled with slight crepeing of great substance. Vigourous and hardy.

Breeder - Shelli Green '09

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Shelli's Cream Delight

Details :

Neat blooms of lovely cream with pink tones and ruffled yellow cream edges.

Breeder -

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Shelli's Green Eyed Girl

Details : Ht 28" TET. Mid. Re. Bl 5.5"

Lovely antique pink with a deep burgundy crimson eye and a gorgeous green throat.

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

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Shelli's Green Glory

Details : Ht 24" Dorm. TET. M-L Re. Bl 6.5"

Lavender pink with a huge centre of cream to lime green throat with a cream-gold ruffled edge.

Breeder - Shelli Green '09 (seed from Guy Pierce)

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Shelli's Lime and Ice Chill

Details : Ht 32" TET. E-Mid Re. Bl 6"

First time on offer. A spectacular bloom. Lovely rounded blooms with large perfect ruffles on clear clean pale lemon with lime undertones. Green throat. Fragrant. 3-4 way branching. Prolific. Superb!

Breeder - S Green

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Shelter Cove

Details : Ht 30 TET. S.Ev M-L Re. Bl 5" (this end-mid row,sm

A cream to light yellow with deeper yellow to gold showing up in the sculpting of the petal and its edges. Very rounded blooms with gorgeous ruffling surronding all petals. Emerald green throat.

Breeder - Corbett, J. 2002

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Sherry Lane Carr

Details : Ht 25"TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 6"

A large cream yellow rimmed with a thick gold fringe edge. Green throat. High bud count. Limited stock

Breeder - Carr '96

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Shores of Time

Details : Ht 25" TET. DORM. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

Superb bright rose pink with large yellow ruffled edges. .

Breeder - Stamile 2004

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Short Circuit

Details : 23" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl. 6"

Large striking orange with maroon eye. Heaps of blooms. A real garden show-off. Great in front of or next to Agapanthas.

Breeder - Brooks '93

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Showtime (unreg)

Details : Ht 28" TET. Ev E-M - Bl 7"

A large delicate near white with a large pink eye & matching edge. Very pretty. Limited stock

Breeder - Nunan

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Silk Stockings

Details : 24" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Lovely blooms of deep rose.

Breeder - Morss '94

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Silver Rings

Details : Ht 35" TET. Ev. E. Re. Bl 5.25"

Plum lavender with a huge blue eye. Green throat. Limited stock

Breeder - Stamile '08

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Simply Adorable

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 4"

A gorgeous, sweet, small flowering pink with raspberry eye & edges. Picotee petal edges of raspberry trimmed with hooks of white & gold. Rounded tidy blooms. Meat performer and Prolific. Love it!

Breeder - M. Geyer 2011 (Aust)

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Simply Glorious

Details : Ht 22' DIP. Ev. E Re Bl 6"

Ruffled melon, peach pink blend above a green throat. Rounded & of flat form.

Breeder - Carpenter 2001

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Simply Sensational

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. M Re. Bl 4.25"

Smallish blooms but not a mini of pale pink with a light pink watermark surrounding a green throat. Bright bubbly gold edge. Blooms displayed on rather tall scapes. Limited Stock

Breeder - Salter E '97

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Slade Brown

Details : 23" Ev. Dip E. RE. Bl 9"

Large ruffled chartreuse self with a green heart.

Breeder - Brown

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So Excited

Details : Ht 26" DIP. Ev. E-M. Re. B 5.

A deep rose-pink with a very large bright dark raspberry eye and a small lime throat. Recurved blooms. Gorgeous colours. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Hansen

   Out of Stock

Details : 30" Ev. Dip. M-L. Re. Bloom 6"

Soft tangerine sherbert pink with a lovely big, round, deep rose-pink eye. Attractive.

Breeder - Talbott

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Spacecoast Cotton Candy

Details : 25" SEv. Tet. E Re. Bl 5"

Peach pink blend completely surrounded by large heavy looping ruffles and continue down into the throat.

Breeder - Kinnebrew ' 02

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Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze

Details : Ht 24" TET. SEv. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Rich cranberry blooms with a sparkling metalic gold edge. Full, round form of heavy substance. Holds well in the sun. Vigorous.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '99

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Spacecoast Cranberry Kid

Details : 22" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 6"

A clear cranberry red with a lighter inner halo and extravagant golden, orange ruffled braiding.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '01

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Spacecoast Cream Supreme

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Near white to cream with heavy ruffling and thick substance. Gorgeous ruffles. A quality daylily.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '02

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Spacecoast Ruffles

Details : 29" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Large ruffled rounded blooms of baby pink apricot, green throat.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '96

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Spacecoast Starburst

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E-M Hyb. Bloom 6"

A pinky lavender mauve blend with raised looping ruffles and a golden edge. Very fertile. Limited stock.

Breeder - Kinnebrew

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Spacecoast Whiteout

Details : 24" SEv. Tet. E Re. Bl 6.5"

Near white with yellow green throat.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '00

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Spanish Fiesta

Details : Ht 31" TET. Ev. E-Mid. Re. Bl 6.5"

Pink orange with a bold red eye and red and gold edge. Limited stock

Breeder - Trimmer '08

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Spectral Elegance

Details : Ht 23" TET. Ev. Re. Bl 6.5"

Large extravagantly ruffled pastel blooms with a pink overlay. Excellent substance. Opens early and easily.

Breeder - Stamile 2004

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Splendid Touch

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. E-M. Hyb. Bloom 5.75"

A very round and ruffled pale pink bloom with a small rose eyezone above a deep green throat. The petals have a raised piecrust edge.

Breeder - Stamile

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Sprite in Flight

Details : Ht 22" TET. SEv. M Re. Bl 5.5"

A Bi-Colour. Petals are a deep crimson red with a large pale salmon/almond edge that gives the bpetals a triangular pattern of red. Pale salmon-almond sepals with a blush of pink band. A chartreuse throat.

Breeder - S Green (Aust) 2012

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Steve Trimmer

Details : Ht 28" TET. SEv. E-M. Re. Bl 5"

A clean yellow with a wine purple eye. An amazing thich matching edge, with horns of silver. Very attractive. Limited stock.

Breeder - Trimmer

   Out of Stock
Stole My Heart

Details : Ht 22" S.Ev - Dorm. TET. M Re. Bl 5.5"

Deep scarlet red blooms with a wide ivory edge on petals and sepals. Emerald throat. Stunning.

Breeder - S Green (Aust) 2012

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Stone Beacon

Details : Ht. 26" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl 6"

Bright chrome yellow, heavy substance, full rounded and ruffled form. Stunning! So vibrant! Limited stock

Breeder - Stamile

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Stormy Passion

Details : New Release for 2019

Rich deep crimson burgundy rounded and ruffled blooms. Great substance. Lime throat.

Breeder - Shelli Green

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Details : Ht 26" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 4."

A soft light pink with a strawberry-rose eye and matching wide picotee on a braided edge, above a green throat. Another image of S.F.F in "Eyed & Fancy". Limited stock

Breeder - Stamile

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Strike Me Embers

Details : New Release for 2019

A striking colour daylily with great from, substance and performance. Rich, hot orange with striking midribs. Prolific! Makes a bright statement in the garden. Probably my favourite orange dayliliy

Breeder - Shelli Green

   Out of Stock
Sunny Perfection

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 7"

A gorgeous bright clean lemon yellow. A Stand-out bloom that is rounded opened and wide with large ruffles. An excellent quality yellow. A favourite.

Breeder - Trimmer '02

   Out of Stock
Susan's Delphi

Details : 21" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl 4"

Peach with a rose pink eye and double edge of rose pink and gold. Very pretty.

Breeder - Carlyon Aust '04

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Swashbuckler Bay Boy

Details : 28" SEv. Tet. M. Re. Bl. 6"

Very dramatic bright salmon coral with a large triangular deep black eye and bold black edge. Throat is bright yellow green. Many blooms, well branched and vigorous.

Breeder - Salter

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