Lady Blue Eyes

Details : 20" SEv. Dip. M-L Re. Bl 3.25"

Flowers are a pale lavender pink with a washed teal coloured eye etched with a deeper lavender. Large green throat.

Breeder - Salter

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Lil' Red Wagon

Details : Ht 25" TET. S.Ev. E. Re. Bl.3.25"

A great mini red that multiplies well. Flowers are round, ruffled and perfectly formed with saturated velvety-red colour.

Breeder - Kinnebrew 2003

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Little Peter Piper

Details : Ht 20" DIP. S.Ev M Re. Bl 3"

Unique with its triangular rose purple coloration and a very circular beet purple eye and pale lavender edge. What a treat to have all of this going on in a small flower with over 30 buds.

Breeder - G. Stamile 2006

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Little Red Flirt

Details : Ht 16" DIP. S.Ev E-M Re. Bl 2.75"

Beautiful ruffled red with a cream edge on both the petals and sepals is a striking true miniature.

Breeder - G. Stamile 2005

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Littlest Angel

Details : 12" Ev. Dip. E-M Re. Bl 2 - 3"

Soft pink blooms with a rouged rose eye. Green throat. Sweet and dainty.

Breeder - Williamson

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Maleny Debutante

Details : 26" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bl. 4"

Not a miniature but a small flowering daylily. Clear pastel peach with a bright rose-red eye and green throat. Full, round and ruffled. Vigorous.

Breeder - Alexander (Aust)

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Mambo Maid

Details : Ht 19" Dip. S.Ev. Re. Bl 3"

A crepe testured ruffled bright orange with veining and a darker orange eye. Lovely rounded blooms.

Breeder - Faggard

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Mary Ethel Anderson

Details : 18" SEv. Dip. M Re. Bl 2.25"

Pale ivory-cream with a pink blush and a very round bright rose-red eye.

Breeder - Salter

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Meadow Sprite

Details : 13" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bl 3.25"

Small lilac pink blooms of exquisite colour. Many blooms. A nice display at peak blooming.

Breeder - Hudson

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Merry Moppet

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. M Re. Bl. 3.5"

Bright yellow-gold with a bright bold red eye and edge. Blooms displayed on tall scapes for a smallish bloom. Great for a garden filler in the background of other plants.

Breeder - Salter E ' 02

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Merrymakers Serenade

Details : 22" Ev. Dip. M Re. Bl. 3"

Ivory-cream with a pronounced circular bold red eye and a deep green throat. Full form and vigorous.

Breeder - Salter

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Morrie Otte

Details : Ht 18" DIP SEv. M Re. Bl. 3"

Very attractive lavender mauve-purple

Breeder - E Salter

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Navy Blues

Details : Ht 18" Dip Ev. M Re. Bl 2"

Light lavender etched eye of navy blue above a green throat. Limited Stock.

Breeder - E. Salter 1998

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Our Lovely Liz

Details : 24" Ev. Tet. M Re. Bl 4"

Not a miniature but a small flowering daylily. Pink tangerine, narrow red eye, fine gold edging.

Breeder - Mead '99

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Patchwork Puzzle

Details : 18" Ev. Dip. E-M. Re. Bl. 2.75"

A lemon with a washed lavender-purple eye banded in burgundy above a deep green throat. An attractive bloom - unique and prolific!

Breeder - Salter

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Penny Pinsley

Details : Ht 26" DIP. S.Ev E-M Re. Bl 3.5"

A small double cream yellow bloom with a red eye. Green throat. A great rebloomer. Multiplies fast & has proliferations.

Breeder - Trimmer 1999

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Picadilly Princess

Details : Ht: 26" Ev. Tet. M. Re. Bl. 3"

Ruffled, rounded delicate peach with a rose eye pattern and a green throat. Blooms displayed on tall scapes for a mini. Looks lovely displayed clumped up in a tub or background garden filler .

Breeder - E.Salter '90

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Precious Pixie

Details : Ht 13" DIP SEv. E-M Re, Bl 2.25"

Rose pink with a cream tipped sepals above a green throat.

Breeder - Stamile 2006

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Quenda's Rose Fairy

Details : Ht 23" DIP. EV. E-M Re. Bl 4.5"

Gorgeous ruffled lavender pink blooms with paler ruffled edges and a deep black burgundy chevron eye that surrouds a pale lime green throat. Small growing cultivar close to a miniature. Many blooms. They look like small fairies in flight. Multiplies well.

Breeder - S Green 2013

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Radiant Ruffles

Details : 24" Ev. Dip. Re. Bl 4.75"

Ruffled cream blooms with pink viening and with a bright red eye.

Breeder - Brown '87

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Siloam Bo Peep

Details : 18" SEv. Dip. E-M Re. Bl 3.5"

A striking orchid-pink blend with a deep purple-wine eye and a green throat. Sweet.

Breeder - Henry

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Siloam Little Girl

Details : 18" Dorm. Dip. M Re. Bl 3.75"

A delightful shrimp-pink with a rose eye and a green-golden throat. Quality blooms.

Breeder - Henry

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Simply Adorable

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 4"

A small flowering daylily not a miniature. Pink with raspberry eye & edges. Picotee petal edges of raspberry trimmed with hooks of white & gold. Rounded tidy blooms. Prolific. Adorable.

Breeder - M. Geyer 2011 (Aust)

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Sir Blackstem

Details : Ht 24" Dip Ev. E. Re. Bl: 2.5"

Dark yellow blooms with near-black stems and buds. The name describes the unique aspect of this daylily. Blooms are flared trumpet. Rapid increaser and hardy.

Breeder - Hager

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Small Wishes

Details : 24" SEv. Tet. E-M. Bl. 3.5"

A lovely bright ruffled, rounded mini. Golden orange with a lime heart. Heaps of blooms, looks superb growing in a tub.

Breeder - E. Salter

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Spirited Style

Details : Ht 24" DIP SEv M Re. Bl 4"

Pale lavender mauve with washed cream violet eye above green throat.

Breeder - E Salter

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Spotted Fever

Details : Ht 22" DIP. S.Ev.Mid. Re. Bl 3.75"

Double spotted tan peach blend. Small blooms.

Breeder - Brown - Oakes '96

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Stella Bella

Details : Ht 40cm Ev. Bl 4"

A hardy small growing plant that clumps up quickly. Great for garden borders or pots. Prolific and popular. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder -

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Toy Circus

Details : 20" Ev. Dip M- Re. Bl 3.25"

A bi-toned creped Rose red petals with cream apricot yellow sepals. Light yellow throat.

Breeder - Mederer '82

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