Details :

Breeder -

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About Town

Details : E - M 100cm

Ruffled lilac mauve stds. Red-violet falls edged in lilac mauve. Tangerine beards. Please read "Information" on T.B. Irises in menu on left.

Breeder - Blyth '96 Aust

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Act of Kindness

Details : 86cm E-M

Gorgeous apricot, orange, orchid and rose-pink blends. Beautiful, wide and ruffled blooms. A vigorous and hardy grower.

Breeder - Ghio '00

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Details : 36" E-Mid

Lilac standards with pink infusion at midribs. Coffee rose pink blend falls, lightening with a creaminess around the tangerine beards. Lovely ruffled and balanced flowers.

Breeder - Blyth 2012 Aust

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Air of Mystery

Details : Ht 37" (94cm) Very Early

Standards - buff butterscotch, violet infusion coming halfway up midrib; F. muted reddish-violet blend deepening slightly toward center; beards bright burnt tango tangerine; ruffled to laced.

Breeder - B Blyth 2007/2008

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All Night Long

Details : Duncan USA

Delightful heavily ruffled black with matching beards. A quality black iris.

Breeder - Duncan 2005 USA

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All That Jazz

Details : Mid 36"

Bright yellow standards and red falls. Yellow beard. Reblooms! Vibrant. An oldie but hardy and a goodie. Large ruffled blooms.

Breeder - Denney 1981

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Arctic Express

Details : Ht 38 inches (97 cm), EM

Ruffled pure white self; beards white, pale lemon in throat tipped orange yellow.

Breeder - (Joseph Gatty by Keith Keppel,1996)

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Are We In Love

Details : Mid 37"

Soft pink with a few blue texture lines on falls.

Breeder - Blyth 2011 Aust

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Details : 37" (94cm) Late bloomer

Standards violet, style arms slightly lighter, falls royal purple, hazy bluer area near beard; beards light blue tipped light yellow; ruffled, lightly laced.

Breeder - Keppel 2005 USA

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Armorous Heart

Details : Armorous Heart

Standards - pastel pink to creamy pink; F. same as S., some deeper pink blending or wash; beards tangerine, " white end; slight sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth (Aust)

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Artistic Blend - Medium iris

Details : Medium Iris 18"

Medium Iris - Apricot fawn blend with magenta on falls. Pretty

Breeder - G. Sutton 2005

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Avalon Sunset

Details : Mid - Late Blooming 36"

Tall vibrant orange self with bright tangerine beards.

Breeder - Shreiner 1996

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Baja Blue

Details : 36.0" 2006 Bloom Season: Midseason

Smooth serene sapphire blue colour Extremely wide falls (4 1/2" x 6") produce a rounded globular flower form. Very vigorous growth habit.

Breeder - Schreiner (USA)

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Ballerina Queen

Details : Ht: 33" (83 cm), Mid

Standards - strong light coral pink; F. pinkish violet, silvery cast, spreading lavender flash below deep tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2007/08

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Ballet Performance

Details : Early 31"

Striking rose with white plicata with ruffled petals

Breeder - Johnson 2007

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Bamboo Shadows

Details : Midseason 38"

Eye catching pale violet slash in the center of the falls, emphasizes the buff hafts and gold beards. Style arms, outlined in violet, are made quite prominent and unify the entire flower.

Breeder - Keppel 2006

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Barbara My Love

Details : M 91cm

Salmon pink stds. White falls with a spanish orange band. Yellow beards.

Breeder - Maryott '99 USA

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Be Counted

Details : M 88 cm

Creamy yellow stds. White falls with a creamy lemon yellow edge. Lemon-yellow beards. Lots of blooms.

Breeder - Grosvenor '02 Aust

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Details : 42" Mid - Late

A pretty, ruffled and lilting bloom.

Breeder - Keith Keppel 2007 USA

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Brazen Beauty

Details : M 90cm

Ivory white with raspberry pink plicata edging. Brick red beards. Laced and ruffled. Limited stock.

Breeder - Meek '94

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Details : M-L 102 cm Re.

Ruffled and fluted clear medium blue. Reblooms. Low on stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Schriener '86 U.S.A

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Bubbles All Round

Details : M 35

White and hazy lavender blue amoena. Honey gold hafts, burnt tangerine beards.

Breeder - Keith Keppel

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But Beautiful

Details : EE-M 38"

Icy blue standards. Falls are coffee tan with a rose blush deepening at the hafts and around the violet beards. Vigorous.

Breeder - Blyth '98 Aust

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By Jeeves

Details : 36" E-Mid

So ruffled that the reverse side of the falls show their colour adding to its intrigue. Lilac -lavender stds. Rich violet falls with with 1/4" well defined lilac edge & a white heavily veined pattern each side of the beards. The reverse side of the falls

Breeder - Blyth 2008

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Cafe D'Amour

Details : Mid Ht: 37"

Very ruffled blooms on god show stems. A stunning iris in muted shades of beige-lemon and mauve-purple that infuses through the standard. The heavily laced falls add further to the effect.

Breeder - Blyth 09 Aust

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Carnival Capers

Details : TB, 36", ML

S. creamy lemon; F. lavender, 3/4" soft champagne edge, violet center, hafts smooth tan extending half way down, tan black near top; beards mustard; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth - 2006

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Catwalk Queen

Details : Mid Season 34"

Golden yellow stds over white falls lightly washed lilac and a gold edge. Beards orange gold.

Breeder - Johnson 2011 USA

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Center Line

Details : Mid 32"

Stds cameo pink, lighter toward edges; Falls pale pink-cream, center washed red violet, dark red-purple veins covering two thirds of center; beards orange red; ruffled; slight fragrance.

Breeder - Johnson 2011 USA

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Chased But Chaste

Details : Ht: 37" M-L

Standards - pure white; Falls: same, small gold area at back of hafts; beards lemon, white at end; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2010/11

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Chestnuts Roasting

Details : M-L 34"

Standards medium brown, some gold at base of midrib; Falls medium brown deepening at hafts to 1/3 of way down petal, ruffled, very laced; beards mustard gold; musky fragrance.

Breeder - Blyth 2010

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Chinese Empress

Details : Ht 36" (91cm) VE

Standards -icy blue. Falls -red violet-black with aplush finish. Bronze Beard.

Breeder - B. Blyth 1989

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Chinese New Year

Details : Ht 36" Mid-season

Pinkish golden tan standards, deep red-wine falls. Tangerine-orange beards.

Breeder - Ghio 1997

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Chosen One

Details :

White ruffled, lacy blooms with tangerine beards. Gorgeous. A vigorous grower.

Breeder - Hamner 1987

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Class Ring

Details : E-M 36"

Dark rose russet and cream plicata with lovely branching and up to 11 buds.

Breeder - Keppel 2010 USA

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Classic Suede

Details : Ht 34" E-M

Stds-light sienna brown Falls - patterned burnt sienna Gold beards. Fragrant

Breeder - L. Lauer 1999

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Clothed in Glory

Details : 91 cm / 36" Season: Mid Blooms once a year

Standards dark yellow, Falls paler yellow with brown red band. Beards white tipped gold. Attractive blooms

Breeder - Frederick Kerr, R. 2005

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Coffee Trader

Details : Ht: 38" (96cm) ML

Stds milky coffee tones, some soft violet flushing at midrib; Falls - milky coffee, large violet outpouring below beards; bright tangerine orange beards; sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry blyth 2007 (Aust)

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Come Away With Me

Details : Ht 35" - 89 cm E- M Bi colour

An absolute stunning bicolour bloom. Warm pink delicately blends with luscious apricot in its standards. The flaring falls proudly display a striking 1" band of rosy magenta around a large spot of the same apricot-pink.

Breeder - Schreiner 2008 USA

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Comes the Dawn

Details : E-M

Pastel apricot toned soft with slightly lighter area below the orange tangerine beards. Lovely show branching.

Breeder - Blyth 2009

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Coming Alive

Details : Ht 35" -89 cm E -Mid

Standards and falls rusty tan, mauve influence, lighter edge and veining; beards rusty bronze.

Breeder - Graeme Grosvenor 2005

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Covet Me

Details : E-M-L 36"

Beautifully ruffled pure rich gold blooms. Mustard gold beards. Musky fragrance.

Breeder - Blyth '94 Aust

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Credible Justification

Details : Mid season blooming Ht 36" Fragrant

A plicata of old rose/mause stitched on cream butter standards. Falls are cream butter edged in old rose/mauve stitching. Bronze orange beards. Deliciously scented - reminds me of my nans lemon yoyo biscuits.

Breeder - Innerst 1995 USA

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Cross My Heart

Details : Ht:35" (89 cm)

Peach pink standards; peach pink falls with soft rose overlay and 1⁄8˝ edge of pale pink - line and speckles. Beard: Coral tangerine over white.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2012 (Aust)

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Dancing Foam

Details : Details unknown at present

Falls are a pale lemon-cream with infused mauve.Stds are mauve with pale ruffled edges. A ruffled beautiful bloom.

Breeder - Sue Stribley

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Dancing In Pink

Details : Ht 89 cm E-M

Good quality light pink. Red beards tipped pink.

Breeder - Grovenor '03 (Aust)

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Dandy Candy

Details : Ht: 35 inches (89 cm), ML

Stds - medium to light purple; purple style arms; Falls - bright peach, shoulders deeper, light purple rim blending and veining into peach ground; orange beards ; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Richard Ernst, 2001)

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Darcy's Choice

Details : Mid 38"

Lemon standards and rose violet falls with a small white blaze below cream beards.

Breeder - Schreiner 2007 (USA)

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Details : E-M 95cm - 38"

Lavender pink standards, darker violet pink falls and beards.

Breeder - Maryott '95

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Details : M 38"

A heavily laced and ruffled bloom. Golden apricot stds. Falls are light plum burgundy with a creamy apricot ruffled edge. Tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth '04 Aust

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Designer Label

Details : Ht 35" (95 cm), M-L

Pink orchid bitone with darker standards, tangerine beards. Vigorous, well branched and ruffled.

Breeder - Ghio 2003

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Details : M-L 36"

Pastel peach standards and lilac falls with a soft magenta wash. Tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth 2010

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Devonshire Cream

Details : 37" Mid - very Late

Ruffled cream white self with yellow beards.

Breeder - G. Sutton 2000

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Dinner Talk

Details : M 40"

Pale pastel lavender stds, deeper at midribs. Falls are rich red violet. Light burnt tangerine beards. A vigorous grower.

Breeder - Blyth '05 Aust

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Dodge City

Details : M 36"

Blend of melon tan and bronze. White haze on falls below orange beards. A fast increaser a good grower. Fragrant.

Breeder - Lauer '95

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Dracula's Kiss

Details : Mid 36"

Waved dark purple-black with tangerine beards.

Breeder - Schreiner 2009 (USA)

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Drama Queen

Details : 96 cm / 38" Season: Early - Middle

Dark rich cyclamen-purple colored standards. The golden buff falls are dramatically overlaid with showy cyclamen-purple veining and banding. Slight sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Keppel 2002

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Details : E-M 34"

Standards creamy apricot, slightly deeper at base; Falls creamy apricot deepening at hafts, overall violet spray pattern; beards orange tange.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2010/11

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Drifting Bubbles

Details : Late 40" (102cn)

Standards warm light pink, deeper at base; falls light pink, deeper at shoulders; beards light tangerine tipped white.

Breeder - Ghio 2004 USA

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Drinks At Sunset

Details : Mid 36"

Stds terracotta rose; Falls terracotta rose overlaid light rose burgundy, 1/4" terracotta rose edge; beards bright tangerine.

Breeder - Blyth '02 Aust

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Enchanted Way

Details : Ht: 34" (86cm) E-Mid)

Standards creamy white; Falls same, overlaid pastel lavender; beards bright lemon; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2011 (Aust)

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Details : 93cm E-M

Pastel,lilac, mauve stds, falls are the same with a large purple wash around the hafts. Tangerine Beards. Very ruffled and lacy. Great grower with great form, quality.

Breeder - Blyth '03 (Aust)

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Details : E-M 32"

Standards bright gold; Falls black mahogany, large gold sunburst. Gold beards.

Breeder - Ghio 2005

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Details : 34" (86 cm), Midseason to late bloom.

Standards white; Falls white with wide yellow band and a purple veined centre. Attractive and slightly scented.

Breeder - Joseph Ghio, R. 2003

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Fancy Dress

Details : E 34"

Blue violet standards. Falls are deeper velvety blue violet, both veined and margined lighter. A pure white flash surrounds white beards.

Breeder - Keppel '98 U.S.A

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Fashion Statement

Details : E-M 90 cm

Lovely large ruffled lilac blooms. High bud count, vigorous and hardy.

Breeder - Gatty 1997

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Feu Du Ciel

Details : Mid Season Height: 90cm

Orange blooms with tangerine beards. Slow grower.

Breeder - Cayeux 1993

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Florentine Silk

Details : M-L 40"

Beautiful ruffled and near laced flower. Peach pink standards and wide ruffled lavender falls with a 1/4" rosy pink band. Peach orange beards.

Breeder - Keppel 2005 USA

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Foolish Dreamer

Details : E-M 40"

Standards Lavender, Falls steely lavender plicata makings on lemon ground. Lavender Beards.

Breeder - (Keith Keppel 11)

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Forbidden Fruit

Details : M 90cm

Rich mango and pink blend giving an orange pink effect with a lustrous sheen. Great colour and beautiful form.

Breeder - Gartman '93

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Foreign Scandal

Details : M-ML

Wide and beautifully ruffled like a ballerina's dress. lilac mauve with slightly darker shading of lilac around the beards. Beards are lemon gold over white. Great substance, good branching and sweetly perfumed.

Breeder - Blyth 09 Aust

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Freedom Song

Details : Ht 37" E-Mid Plicata

The pencil thin blue-violet edges of the falls nicely contrast the pristine white ground colour. Taking the best traits of its parents, Rare Treat X American Classic.

Breeder - Schreiner 2003

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French Gown

Details :

Purple and white plicata. Yellow tan beards. Excellent growth.

Breeder -

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Frilled to Bits

Details : Mid Ht 40"

Lemon with a small white blaze on the fall. Mustard beards. Extremely ruffled flowers on show stems.

Breeder - Blyth 2010 Aust

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Full Disclosure

Details : Mid 36"

NOVELTY Style arms light mauve; Falls 6 dark lilac petals; beards orange; slight fragrance; flat. Six falls make this a very different iris, looking more like a Japanese iris.

Breeder - Thomas Johnson 2013

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Full of Magic

Details : 36" M-L

Peach-pink strds & veined, rose falls blend winsomely. The pink color of the standards is repeated in the narrow band on the periphery of the falls. Bright orange beards.

Breeder - Barry Blyth - 2006

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Furiosa - Medium iris

Details : Medium size iris. Ht 24" E-Mid

Medium size iris. Bright and colourful bitone medium iris. Standards are bright mid pink, falls are bright orange apricot. Saturn red beards. Sweet perfume.

Breeder - Blyth 96 Aust

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Georgia Girl

Details : VE 90cm

Deep rich peach pink to apricot with self beards. Large ruffled blooms.

Breeder -

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Girl's Favourite

Details : E-M-L 85cm

Mid pink with coral pink beards. Sweet fragrant.

Breeder - Blyth '95

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Details : Ht: 36" (91 cm), M.

Stds - honey butterscotch; Falls same, blended soft rose overlay, slightly lighter blended edge, bluish blaze below tangerine red beard; slight musky fragrance. Prolific.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2008 (Aust)

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Details : Mid 35"

Ruffles upon ruffles. Standards icy blue; falls plush purple, 1/4" lilac rim, beards deep bronze.

Breeder - Blyth 2010

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Go Chloe - Medium iris

Details : Medium size Iris - Ht 18 - 24" (45cm-60cm)

Medium size iris. Soft rosy pink standards; rosy pink falls with light coffee apricot blended overlay, olive wash at hafts.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2011

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Going My Way

Details : Ht: 37" Mid

Deep violet toned plicating. It is a deep pansy violet banded plicata on crisp snow white ground. Both standards and falls are ruffled, having good substance. Large blooms, bluish beard.

Breeder - Gibson 1971

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Golden Panther

Details : Mid Season 35"

Superb quality iris. Well branched won the Dykes medal in 2009. Heavily ruffled golden petals are enriched with darker bronze shadings and veining.

Breeder - Tasco 2000 USA

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Grape Expectations

Details : Ht 37"

Dark wine standards. Falls metallic deep wine. Bronze beards.

Breeder - Maryott 2000

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Details : 37" (94 cm), Mid season

Ruffled, lightly laced opera pink. F. with paler center, baby pink beards

Breeder - Keith Keppel 2000

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Heather Hawk

Details :

Standards are rosy taupe with darker edges. Falls are white with rosy taupe stitching. Yellow beards. Limited stock 1 per customer.

Breeder -

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Heritage Blue - Jane Philips

Details : Ht 40"-50" E-M

This is a great background filler for any garden. Large blooms of soft mauve/blue /cornflower blue with yellow/tangerine beards. Very hardy & a vigorous grower.

Breeder -

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Heritage Yellow

Details : Ht 26" Mid

Strong hardy growing heritage yellow. Fast increaser can handle drought conditions. Limited stock.

Breeder - Unknown

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High Chancellor

Details : Mid season 34"

Ruffles & ruffles . Warm & toasty butterscotch to bisque standards. Falls are slate rose with a blended blush blaze below the muted burnt tangerine beards. Very ruffled and fluted & great branching.

Breeder - Blyth 2014

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Hollywood Lights

Details : E 34"

Ruffled blooms of creamy buff-apricot standards. Falls plush purple lightening to a buff apricot edge. Orange beards.

Breeder - Johnson 2011 USA

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Honey House

Details : M-L 38"

Lemon-yellow stds deepening to golden-yellow at midribs & a slightly deeper 1/4" edge. Falls yellow with honey tan overlay deepening at hafts & 1/4" creamy yellow blended edge. White beards tipped gold.

Breeder - Blyth 2002

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Details : M-L 33" (84cm)

Stds pure white; Falls white, overall veining and faint wash of lavender violet deepening at gold hafts; beards vivid tangerine; slight sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Blyth 2009

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I Gotta Feeling

Details : E-M 37"

Extremely ruffled white stds. Falls are lavender violet washed lighter towards the edge to become soft lavender. White beards tipped tangerine. Ruffles upon ruffles!

Breeder - Blyth 2010

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Details : E - M 90cm

Bright crimson pink standards. Falls deeper crimson raspberry with lighter edges. Vigorous and hardy. A real standout - makes a dramatic clump. Vigorous and hardy.

Breeder - Nilsen '95

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Infernal Fire

Details : Ht 32" E-M

A very variable flower pattern. . Buff gold with heavily striped and splotched magenta. Golden orange beards.

Breeder - Richardson 1994

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Italian Master

Details : E-N

Stds light honey butterscotch; Falls creamy butterscotch, washed light rose-burgundy to halfway down petal then fading to nothing.

Breeder - Blyth 2008

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It's Delicious

Details : M-ML 38"

Lacy light orange-apricot blooms. Tangerine beards. A vibrant sight.

Breeder - Blyth '96

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It's Magic

Details :

Wonderfully rich yellow blooms with creamy white fall centres. Orange beards extending to white horns. A good grower.

Breeder - Maryott

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Jamaican Me Crazy

Details : Ht 38" (97cm) ML

Standards ochre peach to honey tan, Falls plum purple, black purple veining, pink edge, beards burnt orange. Handsome colour combo.

Breeder - Barry Blyth (Aust)

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Janie Meek

Details : M 81cm

Lovely large, feminine ruffled blooms of pastel pink standards, with orchid lavender falls. Red beards. Fragrant. A rebloomer.

Breeder - Meek '87 U.S.A

   Out of Stock

Details : Ht: 37" (94 cm), Early bloom.

Stunning white ruffled self; beards white; slight fragrance.

Breeder - Graeme Grosvenor, R. 2001

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Jazz Band

Details : Mid 36"

Standards and style arms buff orange. Falls same with a 1/2 inch wine edge. Beards vermillion.

Breeder - Keith Keppel 06 USA

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Jeolous Guy

Details : Ht:,37" (94 cm), Midseason to late bloom.

Standards coffee tan, slight lavender blush at midrib; Falls coffee cream lighter toward center, bright lavender blaze below vibrant tango beards, very ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Breeder - Barry Blyth, R. 2009

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June Brazier

Details : M-L 90cm

Blue with a dark violet flush in both standards and falls.

Breeder - Grosvenor '01 Aust

   Out of Stock
Ken Ware

Details :

Yellow stds. Falls are red-brown with a white thumb print near beard.

Breeder -

   Out of Stock
Kevin's Theme

Details : 97cm M-L

Ivory-yellow stds with a violet flush. Yellow beards on blue violet falls.

Breeder - Kerr '93

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Kissable You

Details : Ht: 38" (97 cm), Mid

Standards: pure white; Falls - white, edges cream, large pattern of violet texture veining and blending, orange tan hafts; beards slightly burnt tangerine.

Breeder - Barry Blyth 2010/11

   Out of Stock